Justin Beiber spotted shirtless in Miami ! Again

Friday, December 11th, 2015 at 5:46pm   artecals.com   Celebrity Gossip

Justin Bieber, What do you mean??
After the show off with number of shirtless photos over the past few months, Justin Bieber is now again caught with another sizzling shirtless body!

The baby singer was spotted totally shirtless, flaunting his crazy-hot tattooed body on Wednesday, while going for a swim at the Versace Mansion in Miami. With no any surprises, as the 22 year old singer is much fond of showing off his fit physique, this time on Wednesday, he was seen wading in the water with a frozen drink in his hand. It looked very same as his superhot Calvin Klein ads, as his abs and Calvin Klein underwear was on the full display.
When it is about his hot body, Justin is not introvert indeed! The young singer showed off his mind-blowing six packs during the swim in Miami. He turned straight out of a movie, as the camera seized his sopping wet picture while departing from the swimming pool.

With his hot body, wearing nothing other than Calvin Klein underwear, which was on the full display and solid striped swimsuit made him looked as a super hit model. The rock hard stomach and tattooed body on display was out of out of attractiveness.
Well, this may perhaps be another endorsement for Calvin Klein, or is the new strategy of the 22 years old ardent singer to impress Selena Gomez, showing what she really missing out there! Recently, the Good for You singer has her new hot affair with 1D Niall Horan who is in fact a good friend of Justin Bieber. It’s all about some drama between this on-off lovers indeed.

One of Bieber’s memorable shirtless moments with his Calvin Klein ad which made him the new face of the brand’s underwear campaign in January 2015. He actually worked hard and gave no any disappointments. He showed off his insane six packs in his modeling time of underwear.
This is not the first time, Justin flaunted his shirtless hot body. He had given many hot, totally shirtless body for photo shoot, and it’s not wrong to say that his shirtless hot pic in the magazine went as hottest in a long time.


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Justin Beiber spotted shirtless in Miami ! Again

Justin Bieber, What do you mean?? After the show off with number of shirtless photos over the past few months, Justin Bieber is now again caught ...

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