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A Portuguese dashing and professional footballer who is heartbeat of million fans of world is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the player of Spanish club Real Madrid and the captain of Portugal national team. Out of the best football player in the world the name of Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as one of them. He also considered as famous world best paid athlete recently in 2016 by Forbes and ESPN. Ronaldo secured a more goals in a single UFFA Champions league season. He is also remembered for top goal scorer and all- time leading goal scorer. He started his career at the age of 18 and then he became a most capped player of all time.


The full name of crostino Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. A professional footballer entered in Spanish club Real Madrid at the age of 18. Primarily he played as forward player and then after a long period he became captain of Portugal. His first award was FIFA World player of the year in 2008. In the ranking of the best player in the world the most popular name is Cristiano Ronaldo. Portuguese Football Federation announced during its 100th anniversary that he is all- time best player. The one and only player is Cristiano who won the 4 European golden shoe awards. He is also ranked in famous and world best athlete revealed by Forbes and ESPN. He is the second highest goal scorer after the Leonel Messi in La Liga history. He is also known as top goal scorer of UFFA Champions League and leading goal scorer of his Real Madrid. He is all time favorite and also became a most capped player in the world. Instead of that he score 50 goals as the first Portuguese player.


Today’s most expensive player the Cristiano Ronaldo started his career at the age of 16. He became the first player who played for the club from under 16, 17 and 18. He made his debut from a premier league on 2002, 7th October and played against Moreirense and his team won with 3-0. In the process of playing he became the attraction point for Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson. His playing strategy impressed the players of Manchester United and Ferguson considered him as most exciting player who was under 18 year old.
In 2003-04 Ronaldo became a first Portuguese player of Manchester United. After that he transferred from Manchester united to Real Madrid which was most expensive transfer till now. His transfer fee was € 12.24 million at that time. He wanted the number 28 but he received number 7 which proved lucky for him and this number 7 was worn by George Best, Eric Cantona and David Beckham. So number 7 became motivational number for Ronaldo. Ronaldo was the father of sports and become a influential factors for Alex Ferguson. Ronaldo made his debut from premier league in victory over Bolton Wanderers on16 August 2003. His first goal for Manchester United was with against Portsmouth from free kick in a 3-0. He earned his first trophy from the victory over Millwall in FA Cup final. In 2004 -05 his best was with Arsenal. Though it was goalless game he scored Manchester united 1000th premier league. In the midway he was signed for 2010 which was one of the important decisions for his career. Again he won second trophy after third against Wigan Athletic with 4-0. Ronaldo had an incident with Wayne Rooney and he felt lack of support under the club. Continuous after three consecutive braces finally at the December a victory put his club on the top of league. He became the premier league player of the month. He started his youth career in 1992-1995 played from Adorinha, 1995-1997 he played from Nacional and sporting captain from 1997-2002. His senior career began from 2002-2003 with team of sporting CP B, and from 2002-2003 he played from sporting CP. He spent 6 years from (2003-2009) in Manchester United. After 2009 to till now he played with Real Madrid. He also represented the national team Portugal since 2001 to till now. Ronaldo took the captaincy of Real Madrid in 2008.
He was involved in many incident in third season in England. At that time he had clashed with a teammate of Manchester united the striker Raud Vanistelrooy. They fought with eachother in January 2006 and again in ground fight with Nistelrooy in May. After that he publicly asked for transfer. In 2006 he finally broke the 20 goal barrier and won first premier league title. At the quarter final of UFFA Champions League he got the victory over Roma with the interval of 7 and 1.Ronaldo scored 42 goals in competitions during 2007-08 season. Ronaldo entered in Real Madrid fan club in 2009-10 where he got former shirt with number 9 and in 2010-11 season he got again number 7. Madrid defeated the Barcelona in Copa del Rey with interval of 4-3. With € 17 million net in 2018 he became the highest paid player in the football. He gave hat-tricks in Real Madrid’s history

Personal information

Ronaldo was born in Santos Antonio and younger child of Maria Dolore dos Santos Aveiro who was cook and Jose Dinis Aveiro a municipal gardener. The full name of Cristiano Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. Ronaldo spent his childhood in poverty. At the age of 14 he ceased his education career and completely focus on entire football. He was expelled out from school because he disrespected the teacher. After a few year that condition appeared he had to give up football because of his racing heart problem. But he didn’t give up he again trained for football. In this football career he perceived the some rival with Leonel Messi.
On 2008-09 season in 7th July he had his ankle operation which kept him out of action. When he was totally against with Manchester United he got third red card. He became first Ballon d’Or winner after George best in1968. He transferred to Real Madrid in 2009 with world record transfer fee.


Cristiano Ronaldo achieved many more title and awards. In 2008 he became FIFA World player of the year and also won FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2013and 2014. Ronaldo score 500th senior goal career of fan club and country. The main turning point of Ronaldo was when he got FIFA best men’s player. Ronaldo was best Portuguese player in the history which was announced by federation during its 100th anniversary in 2015. Ronaldo was one and only player who continuously won the European golden shoe. He is the one of the marketable athletes and world best as well as highest paid athlete ranked ESPN and Forbes. Ronaldo is also a fastest players who scored 200 goals in La Liga which was revealed by 178th La Liga game. In 2015 he became a top goal scorer in UFFA Champions League and also became all-time leading goal scorer in Real Madrid club in 2014. He is a second goal scorer in La Liga history after Leonel Messi. Instead of these things Ronaldo also received title of most capped player all the time in 2016 at Euro. He is the first player who played 50 international games up to now.He is considered as the first player who score four consecutive European championship finals and he gave the competition to Michel Platini’s all- time record of most goal scorer. He won silver shoe for second highest goalscorer of tournament.
He won the professional Footballers’ Association’s Football player’s player, fan’s player and young player of the year awards and according to football writer’s associations he won the award footballer of the year. He also became a first player who won the four main PFA and FWA honors. His 31 league goals on premier league gave him a awards of premier League Golden Shoe which was first wings of his latter awards. He was not only Champions league top scorer and also was UFFA club Footballer of the year. He including his team became a winner of UFFA European Championship in France and runner-up in 2004 held in Portugal.  

Personal stat

Born name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
Birth date: 5 February 1985
Age: 31
Height: 6ft 1 inch
Playing position: forward
Current team: Real Madrid
Number: 7
Residence: Spain
Represent Portugal.


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